Press release ‘Found Form’


The fresh new design studio Mormels is very proud to present ‘Found Form’ by Enina Waelstham.

“At mormels it is all about our daily experiences within our cluttered environment.  We have grown used to being bombarded by images and are able to process and consume these at a very high speed. Mormels tries to use this existing language and re-use, recycle as you like, it as to break you out of your standard viewpoint.”

Dutch native Enina Waelstham (1980) didn’t go through any of the well-known Dutch canals to get to where she is now.

As an autodidact she gained and developed her expertise in design via many different jobs in design company’s worldwide, including Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York and Munich. Now Enina has taken the exciting next step by setting up her studio Mormels design in London, UK.

The growing family of lamps; ‘Found Form’ is the first design to be presented under her own name and company. It is a clear presentation of Mormels’ and Enina Waelstham’s vision for design, for the future of our planet and our homes.

‘Found Form’ investigates reusing the wealth we already have in our world, as the shapes of the lamps come from existing objects in our everyday surroundings. By linking these shapes and taking their combined shape via the traditional technique of papier-mâché a new fascinating object comes to life. The material used to create the lamps over these objects is recycled paper, thus creating a lightweight, eco friendly, biodegradable and unique lamp.

‘Found Form’ is an exciting and ongoing project bound to give people a new view at what is already around us in our overflowing world.